Mountains and peaks

Hoverla (2061 m)

Hoverla is located in the mountains of Chornohora (Czarnohora in Polish), 17 km from the border with Romania, on the border of Transcarpathian and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. This is one of those Ukrainian wonders that glorify Ukraine. First of all, the height reaches 2061 m above sea level.

The top of Hoverla is completely covered with a thick layer of snow until mid-summer.

At the top of Hoverla, there is a slab with capsules of earth from all regions of Ukraine. Metal cross and unfurled 110-meter flag. It is full of places to stay there - Rakhov, Yasinya, Lazeshchina, Bogdan and others.

At the foot of Hoverla is the main source of the Prut River, and nearby - a cascade of waterfalls about 80 m high.

Height 2061 m

32 km from Rakhiv

Brebeneskul (2038 m)

The second place in the ranking of the highest mountains of the Carpathians is occupied by Mount Brebeneskul. Its top is located between two other picturesque mountains - Menchul and Rib Mountain. From the Hutsul dialect, Brebeneskul translates as "convex", which fully characterizes the shape of the top. The mountain is not so clearly distinguished from the surrounding landscape, but there are convenient trekking routes, and along the way, you have an opportunity to see many more Carpathian attractions Dzembronski waterfalls or Eared Stone.

Due to the special location and climate on the slopes of there are a lot of snow on the mountain all year round. Not far from it is the largest alpine lake in Ukraine with the same name - Brebeneskul.


Height 2038 m

35 km from Rakhiv

Pip-Ivan Chornohirsky (2028 m)

Pip-Ivan Chornohirsky is one of the highest peaks of the Ukrainian Carpathians, with a height of 2028 m. It is located at the southeastern end of the main ridge of the Chornohora massif, on the border of Ivano-Frankivsk and Zakarpattia regions.

At the top of the mountain are the ruins of the Polish Astronomical and Meteorological Observatory, partially restored for tourist purposes and known by the modern popular name "White Elephant".
The top is covered mainly with subalpine vegetation. Shrubs are common (Siberian juniper, Carpathian rhododendron, mountain pine), and below - spruce forests (up to an altitude of 1500-1600 m). Also on top grows a reclining rock, which covers large areas. It blooms from May to August.
Several hiking trails of varying difficulty pass through the mountain.

Height 2028 m

40 km from Rakhiv

Petros (2020 m)

Mount Petros is one of the highest peaks of the Montenegrin ridge, the fourth largest after Hoverla. The height of Mount Petros above sea level is 2020 m. From the Romanian "petros" translates as "stone". This mountain is located in the Transcarpathian region, Rakhiv district, at the northwestern end of the ridge, between the mountains Shesul and Hoverla.

You can climb the mountain from the villages of Lazeshchyna, Kvasy, or Yasinya, which have convenient transport links. You can get here by train, as well as regular buses from Ivano-Frankivsk, Kolomyia, Chernivtsi, Uzhgorod, and Mukachevo.

At the top of Petros are the ruins of a chapel and a restored cross, as well as a mound of stone (hill), which symbolizes the very top.

Height 2020 m

32 km from Rakhiv

Gutin Tomnatik (2016 m)

Gutyn Tomnatyk is one of the highest mountains in Ukraine, its height is 2016 m. It is located in the Rakhiv district of the Zakarpattia region. The famous Gutyn Tomnatyk mountain is one of the highest peaks of the Ukrainian Carpathians and is only 40 m behind Hoverla.

Gutyn Tomnatyk Peak is located on the territory of the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, the area of which is over 53 thousand hectares. The peak has several sources of mountain rivers with crystal clear water. Lake Brebeneskul is nearby, surrounded by green carpets and steep cliffs formed by a glacier more than a thousand years ago. In general, the vegetation is represented by rare species of grasses and wildflowers. The climate on Mount Gutyn Tomnatyk is quite mild, so tourists come here for recreation and adventure.

Height 2016 m

35 km from Rakhiv

Rib Mountain, also known as Rib Hill (2001 m)

Height above sea level - 2001 m. Steep slopes The Rib Hill is covered with crooked forests, and sloping areas (southern part of the mountain) - grassland with sod and white-tailed pike. It is worth noting that the northern and northeastern slopes are steep rocky cliffs that fall down. If you look at the geography of these places more broadly, then to the east of Rib Mountain, in a sprawling ice crust, there are small alpine lakes. From here there are incredible views of the Montenegrin highlands, as well as the Rakhiv Mountains.

Then you can explore the Black Mountain from all sides and descend towards Stoga by a convenient path.

Travel, share your impressions with the whole world, and love the Carpathians because it is real, it is the soul of Ukraine!

Height 2001 m

37 km from Rakhiv

Pip Ivan Marmarosky (1936 m)

The height of Mount Pip Ivan Marmarosky is 1936 m above sea level. The top of Pip Ivan Marmarosky has a pyramidal shape and makes a great impression, because it is a huge mountain, massive, sprawling with steep slopes, rocky ledges, and sharp ridges. Interestingly, after a long snowy winter, there is a high probability that lakes will form around the top, but by summer they will disappear.

It is worth knowing that there are two peaks in the Carpathians, these are Pip Ivan Chornohirsky and Pip Ivan Marmarosky. In order not to confuse the top - clearly plan your route.

It is believed that the month of June is the best time to visit the Marmara Mountains because in summer it ripens nutritious blueberries, which cover the slopes of the mountains.

Height 1936 m

24 km from Rakhiv

Only after visiting the fabulous Carpathians, you can get acquainted with the amazing beauty and unique natural attractions. After visiting this wonderful region at least once, you will forever remember the unusual mountain peaks covered with snow or juniper. The unforgettable beauty of the peaks attracts people at any time of the year.

Features of mountains and peaks of Rakhiv region

The town of Rakhiv is located on the highest territory of the Ukrainian Carpathians, where Svydovets rises from the west, Privododilni Gorgany is located in the north, Rakhiv Mountains are approaching from the south, and the famous Chornohora is located in the northeast.

Only forty kilometers from Rakhiv is Mount Hoverla, which is the highest point in Ukraine. Its height is 2061 meters above sea level. Nearby on the Montenegrin massif, there are some more majestic peaks:

  • Petros;
  • Brebeneskul;
  • Pip-Ivan Chornohirsky;
  • Gutin-Tomnatik;
  • Rib Mountain.

Looking closely and studying the alpine terrain, you can see the ancient traces of glaciation, which have specific glacial forms - valleys and karst.

Entertainment and vacation in the mountains

In the mountains of the Rakhiv region, there are many ski lifts and marked trails. Here you will find experienced instructors and rental equipment for skiing or snowboarding. The developed infrastructure includes cafes, restaurants, hotels, gas stations, recreation centers - everything you need for the most demanding tourist.

In addition to winter entertainment, you can perfectly and healthily spend time among the unique beauty of the mountains and peaks of Transcarpathia, enjoying the cleanest air and landscapes of untouched nature. Fans of active pastime will always be able to take part in hiking on bicycles, horses, or on foot. Fans of fishing and hunting will like it here. Bright sun, picturesque districts, and the brilliance of mountain peaks will fill your body with strength, health, and positive energy for a long time!