Museum of Hutsul carving by Yuri Pavlovich

Phone: +38 (097) 804-58-52


Transcarpathian region, Rakhiv district, Rakhiv, street Mira, 42 (ground floor of the hotel Europe)


Entrance tickets: free; Excursions - 10 UAH per person.

Work schedule:

By arrangement

At the end of 2014, a museum of Yuri Pavlovich's carving was opened in Rakhiv, which is the most famous master carver in the Carpathians. A native of Transcarpathia, Yuri Pavlovich was educated in Lviv and worked for a long time in Kosovo, Mizhhiria, and Rakhiv. In the museum of Hutsul carvings, there are real masterpieces that will surprise you with the verified geometry and graceful lines.

Features of the Yuri Pavlovich Museum

On the territory of the Yuri Pavlovich Carving Museum, there are unique products created by the master's hand. After visiting the museum, you can see carved utensils, candlesticks, horns, rifles, and sabers. Each exhibit is unique and has no analogs in the world

All works of the master are executed in a single copy and cannot be bought. Yuri Pavlovich pursues the idea of creating a single encyclopedia of the Hutsul region and regularly replenishes the collection with new masterpieces, which are performed by different techniques:

  • carving;
  • dry thread;
  • inlay with tambaga, bone, beads, mother-of-pearl or brass nails.

Yuri Pavlovych's art is a kind of tribute to Ukrainian philosophy and history, because each product is a unique exhibit that allows you to awaken ethnic traditions and memory of the family, touching the elements of Ukrainian life and traditions.

How to get to the Museum of Carving by Yuri Pavlovich

It is very easy to find the museum of Hutsul carving of Yuri Pavlovich, because it is located in the heart of Rakhiv. The museum is located on the ground floor of the hotel "Europe" at: st. Myru, 42. The museum is located at the intersection of Myru and Ivan Franko streets, between the Rakhiv supermarket and the Allo electronics store.