The Museum of Yasinya (Local Lore)

Phone: +38 (067) 305-60-24


Transcarpathian region, Rakhiv district, Yasinya township, 21 Hrushevskoho street


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Opening hours:

Opening hours: Monday - Friday from 10:00 to 17:00;

Saturday is a day off; Sunday - 10:00 to 15:00

Every guest of Yasinya will be amazed by the large number of sights that are a must-visit. One such place is the Museum of Local Lore, which is housed in a majestic two-story building. After visiting the museum, you are able to immerse yourself in the past, touch ancient objects, and see the life of our ancestors.

What can you see in the Museum of Yasinya?

For the convenience of visitors, the first floor of the building is divided into four zones and houses all the luxury available to the museum. Each zone includes a variety of exhibits.

The first part of the museum is the interior of a real Hutsul house, where there are a variety of things of that time - cradles, walkers, vessels, and national clothes.

The second sector is entirely devoted to household items. Here you can see a large collection of antique utensils, which is over a hundred years old.

The third part of the exhibition will help to imagine a living Carpathian corner. Here are the stuffed animals of such amazing animals and birds such as wolf, deer, bear, lynx, eagle, wild boar, capercaillie, etc.

The fourth zone of the museum of local lore is set aside for the most significant photographs, which are closely connected with the way of life of the village of Yasinya. Here are works of art from the master of woodcarving and folk artist Tulaidan M.I.

How to get to the local lore Museum of Yasinya?

Yasinya Museum of Local Lore is located in the northeastern part of the village, near the river Lazeshchyna. The museum is located on the territory of one of the central streets of 21 Yasina - Hrushevskoho, near the Kotsyubynskoho Street.