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Kuziy tract

Kuziy tract is a protected massif, part of the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, located in the Rakhiv region, not far from Velykyi Bychkov, behind the village of Luhy. Impressive here is primarily nature - a deciduous forest, mostly beechy, although there are places of growth of yews, the legendary táxus baccáta that once ruled here, as evidenced by place names, such as the river Tisza.

What to see here? Well, actually a lot of various points of interest. Rocks, galleries, and stones. Waterfalls and "white stream". Trees - common and unique species. The local flora is impressive - ferns of incredible colors and species grow on the rocks, as well as mosses and lichens. Moreover, there are a lot of different animals. It is said that wild goats, deer, and wild boar go down to the streams in the morning - although the average tourist, who does not know how to disguise himself, is unlikely to be lucky to see wild animals. Those who do not know how to behave unnoticed by animals in the woods have an opportunity to meet squirrels, slugs, and salamanders.

The culmination of the hike is Sokoline Berdo, a rock that rises among the beech forest. The cliff offers an incredible view of the valley, which is called the Cusian Basin. This is that very beauty for which you should live in the Carpathians, or come here to admire it.

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Author: Tatiana Kogutich

Beech primary forests

Primary forests are untouched areas that exist and develop under the influence of nature. These are natural forests that have not been affected by human development and are a source of the optimal forest ecosystem. The age of trees in virgin forests is over 400 years, and the height of these giants reaches 45 meters.

Disturbed ecosystems can be reproduced in these primary forests. They preserve valuable ecological information about the historical development of forest formation, structure, ability to self-regulation, self-restoration, biological protection, as well as geographical distribution. Virgin forests develop exclusively under the influence of nature, and therefore have high viability, resistance to adverse effects, provide climate regulation, water purification, carbon sequestration, biodiversity conservation.

Due to their great continental importance, virgin forests are taken under special protection, and Ukrainian beech virgin forests of the Carpathians, within Transcarpathia, as the only natural object of Ukraine, together with Slovak clusters of beech virgin forests were included in the list of objects on June 28, 2007, in New Zealand. UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.

Almost the entire territory of the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, including the Uholsko-Shirokoluzhansky massif (Tyachiv district), is the largest center of beech virgin forests in Europe.